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Video Tape Run Program – 14 December 2020 update

By Shirlene Clark | Dec 14, 2020
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VIDEO TAPE PROGRAM IN AUSTRALIA The Video Tape program was introduced into Australia in 2020 in response to COVID restrictions preventing actual trials from being held. Trials have now resumed and I am pleased to announce the VT program will continue in Australia VT runs are a replacement for those who exhibitors who cannot make…


How to make a NADAC Hoop obstacle

By Shirlene Clark | Jan 29, 2020
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The hoop obstacle was introduced as an agility obstacle by NADAC and can now be found across a number of NADAC classes. The NADAC Hoopers class uses hoops only. It can also be used in Regular agility, Touch N Go, Weavers, Chances and Barrelers classes. Indeed the only classes where they are not used are…