NADAC Australia web site given a fresh new look in 2020

NADAC Australia web site

Welcome to our new look NADAC Australia web site! A new decade deserves a fresh new look and we are very proud of our makeover. The new website was designed with a focus on providing a user-friendly platform for our exhibitors here in Australia. New to NADAC The home page provides the three critical links…

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NADAC What level do I start in?

NADAC Levels

New exhibitors to NADAC are sometimes a little unsure as to what level to start in when they first start competing in NADAC. Hopefully I can make it a little easier to understand. There are four levels in NADAC: Intro level Novice level Open level Elite level When starting out exhibitors have the choice of…

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How to make a NADAC Hoop obstacle


The hoop obstacle was introduced as an agility obstacle by NADAC and can now be found across a number of NADAC classes. The NADAC Hoopers class uses hoops only. It can also be used in Regular agility, Touch N Go, Weavers, Chances and Barrelers classes. Indeed the only classes where they are not used are…

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