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Education resources for NADAC Officials and exhibitors.

If you need help then please get in touch with us.

Hand hygiene kits are recommended for all exhibitors.  Be trial-ready and set yours up now - blog post

Chief Health Officer -Professor Sutton on how to wear a face covering safely - watch video now

Here are some easy ways a club can provide digital results throughout the trial day:

  1. Using the Agility Unscrambled program you can send via email individual results. Once the scores are in for that class go to clean up in the program and select those individuals who competed in that class and send them their results.  This means you must have internet access at a trial.  A mobile broadband USB stick or using your smartphone as a personal hotspot will work.
  2. Print out the results for the class. Take a photo of the result page and post the photo on the NADAC Australia Facebook group.
  3. Export the result page to a pdf file via Agility Unscrambled score program. Upload the pdf to a cloud service like google docs or Dropbox or Adobe InDesign.  If the pdfs go to a specific folder or folders you can provide everyone with a link to access.
  4. Using Agility Unscrambled to produce a completed catalogue several times throughout the trial day and email the catalogue to Shirlene and she will upload to the calendar page of the NADAC Australia event page. For example, if you have 4 classes at the completion of each class (all 4 levels) to a complete catalogue and email to Shirlene to have it uploaded on 4 occasions throughout the day.  This would need to be pre-arranged with Shirlene before trial day.

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What our NADAC Australia Dog agility exhibitors say

NADAC is the best. It caters for new dogs and handlers as well as for older dogs and handlers and everything in between. The courses are fun and flowing but still challenging, times are achievable and you get rewarded frequently along your NADAC journey. My boys and I love it.

Gayle Baxter.

NADAC is so cool. It caters for every dog and handler from beginner to advanced and from young to old and human athlete to fitness challenged. So much fun with your dog in a relaxed atmosphere.

Donna Merrilees.

I was introduced to NADAC agility, approximately 9 years ago.  I was extremely happy and excited to join with my dog Harvie.  Many things appealed to us. The opportunity to run your dog at a lower jump height. Harvie struggled with the regulation height at other codes. The lower height enabled us to keep playing agility. Only one ring running at any time. This was less stressful for me as a handler, not needing to be in multiple places at once and brilliant when you are running a second dog. Multiple types of courses, ie tunnelers, hoopers etc, are so much fun for everyone. I admire the NADAC philosophy, which makes allowances for veteran dogs and handlers. Most importantly, safety for all is the number one priority of NADAC. On a personal note, the Nadac community is very inclusive and supportive. I highly recommend Nadac to anyone who wants to have fun with their dogs, keep fit and join a great group of people.

Janice Crooks.

NADAC has provided a safe and fun place for my rescue dog to play agility.  It has been central to building his confidence.  It has given him a way to use up mental and physical energy that may otherwise be used on destroying furniture or raiding bins!  Thanks for helping to turn a nervous rescue pooch into a happy agility star.

Milly Burke.

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