Tunnelers Team Entry Form

Fun Tunnelers Team Event This trial was a replacement trial after COVID uncertainties prevented the 2021 NADAC Nationals from proceeding. We would like to provide a little extra fun to make the trial a little extra special. We will be running a Tunnelers Class Team event! It does not cost anything extra to participate. All you have to do is form a team comprising of 3 dogs. A handler may handle more than one dog in the team, but it is more fun if you have 3 separate handlers. More people to cheer you on! Here is what you need to know: • It does not cost anything additional to participate in the tunnelers team event. • A team consists of 3 dogs. • Dogs competing in different levels/divisions may be on the same team. • In the spirit of the competition, we ask that dogs are entered into the level they currently trial in for the team event classes (ie please do not level down to gain a competitive edge) • All teams must have a “Team Name”. Be creative and have fun. • All Tunnelers classes scheduled are included in the team event (2 rounds on Saturday and 2 rounds on Sunday. Team members must be entered into all 4 rounds of Tunnelers to participate. • Scoring will be based on total number Q points earnt by the team. • There will be a winning team and a runner up team • Should there be a tie in Q points then the winning team and runner up team will be determined by a count back. If after countback teams are still tied then the winning team and runner up team will be determined by HIT points. HIT points are determined by the difference between Standard course time and the dog’s time.

  • The person submitting the team entry will be the contact person should the NADAC Office need to follow up on your entry.
  • All teams must have a team name to identify them. Be creative and have fun.
  • Please list all three team members in this format - Jane Doe and Spot- Fred Jones and Fluffy - Sally Smith and Dusty